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Welcome to the HP of Kudan Language Academy
Learn anytime, learn at anyplace
Learn Japanese from Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji
Learn also French and Italian via email.
*We will send you English texts, and you send them back translated into the language you are learning.


日本語の書き方学習 インターネットで

 Writing and reading are important, when you learn Japanese.
If you are leaning French or Italian, we can provide also with these languages.
We started in 2002 for the Japanese people to learn, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.
Over 1000 people learned coming to our school in Tokyo, and over 1000 people also learned from our Email program. The program is "Englsih translation and correction", but the difference from most of other institutes is that we send EVERYDAY the Japanese texts to the learners so that they can continue the lesson. Now we started the same program for the English speakers to learn Japanese, Fench and Italian. Come and join us!


April 2002
KLA opens as a foreign language school in Tokyo.
April 2006
Started the correction of English phrases made by the studnets via Email.
December 2008
Added italian, French Spanish and Chinese.
April 2015
Started the corrections of Japanese phrases from English, French and Italian.

Kudan Language Academy

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TEL 03-3265-6358